DFVIZ: interactive plotting of dataframes

dfviz is a small package for interactive visualisation of Pandas or Dask dataframes. It is built upon Panel and hvPlot and can be used either within a notebook environment, as a stand-alone application, or as one of the visualisation modules within the Intake GUI.


With a conda environment, you can use

$ conda install -c conda-forge dfviz

or, in general you can install the released version

$ pip install dfviz

or development version

$ pip install git+https://github.com/intake/dfviz

For both pip-based methods, it is generally better to install the requirements manually beforehand.


To run the interface with some random data, you can execute

python -c "import dfviz; dfviz.example.run_example()"

which will open a new tab in a browser, ready for a plot to be defined. Just press Plot to get a colourful scatter-plot output.

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